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For prosthetic make-up effects and all things practical in Kent and around the UK, or even over seas, Dave Fox!! of Fox Zumbi Dark Art FXS. I am a freelance prosthetic make-up FXs artist, creature designer and fabricator. I am a member of the BECTU,and hold a Gold pro-card membership showing I'm recognised by IMATS and Make-up magazine as a established artist with in the industry. I am also with several other film crew sites like the Knowledge and IMDB. I own my tools and work from a small studio in Kent, getting my supplies from well respected make-up and mould making suppliers like I live 45Min's out side of London, and quite happy to travel were i am needed. I am a quick worker and love a challenge.. so give me a call 07745800411 or email me for more information on

Special Effects Makeup Artist UK

I have worked on Film, TV, and theater. I have also in the past worked for Bizzar and Foutean times magazines, and i have also teached prosthetic makeup and basic mould making at RADA. I am capable of character and creature design. I have a good knowledge of different mediums, and more than capable of any task thrown my way.Being skilled at fine art and design has contributed greatly to providing good quality prosthetic effects and appliances to the highest standard. Expert advice is always available on request, and I am happy to be of assistance.

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I am also a credited backer for several films funded by kick-starter, like ADI's Harbinger Down and Fire City are to name a few, and i will con tune to support and help fund films that use practical fx and help people see that rubber monsters are still the best.

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You can get in touch with me by giving me a call, or by using the 'Contact Me' page or via email at You can also find me on Facebook or just drop us a line on 07745800411

  • Project fixing Dad 2015..... project still on going.
  • Writer Retreat, 2014-2015 feature length horror/thriller film. Head of special effects and gore, had to design and make all make up and special effects during production. also dress and make props and help with set dressing.
  • Inside number 8, 2014.. Design and fabricate Prosthetics for Dream sequence.
  • The Menu 2014.. Short horror film. In charge of designing and fabricating casualty and trauma prosthetics, and gore FXs. IMBD listed.
  • Teaching at R.A.D.A. for ikon london 2013.. Teached basic prosthetics and mould making at the RADA for Ikon London.
  • Baileys advert 2013.. Designed tattoo designs for ad.
  • Fortean Times Magazine front cover 2013.. Head of creature Fxs, was required to design and build creature for front cover of magazine.
  • Sweet 6teen 2013.. Head of creature Fxs, was required to design and build creature and appliances for short film, also helped with gore Fxs and other make ups through out production.
  • Pounce 2012/2013..Head of creature Fxs, was required to design, build and fabricate creature for feature length film, was also in charge of gore Fxs and props throughout production. IMDB listed. Directed by Kieth Robinson of Other Dimension Films.
  • Silent hill live action horror maze 2011.. For Canterbury college Head of creature Fxs. In charge of fabricating and designing several creatures for a charity event, in the same style as the horrific creatures and twisted souls from the film and game of silent hill.
  • Horror and casualty make up for Bizarre magazine.. Christmas ball event 2011 and several functions and events for Bizarre, doing horror/casualty and Character make-ups through most of 2011
  • Beauty and the beast.. production in Lincoln shire 2010 Had to design and create the mask and prosthetics for the beast character in a theatre production of beauty and the beast.